Promotion Policy
A comprehensive evaluation policy is followed, wherein, student is assessed on his overall performance throughout the year.

Pre Primary Level : No formal tests are conducted. A student is graded on his day-to-day performance.

Primary Level :(Class I-V) : No formal tests are conducted for classes I and II.A student is graded on his/her day-to-day performance.

However, students of class III-V are evaluated on the basis of their class work, Unit Tests and Term Tests, which are conducted periodically throughout the year.

Rest of the school: Students are assessed on their day-to-day work as well asthe Unit Tests and terminal Exams, which are conducted twice a year.

For promotion to the next higher class it is mandatory for a student to achieve at least 40% marks in the following :

  1. Internal assessment: Based on daily work such as Homework, Class Work, Projects and Unit tests
  2. Terminal Assessment: Based on Terminal Tests held in September and February
  3. Art Education

It is mandatory for a student opting for a subject with practicals to pass in both theory and practicals separately