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Promotion Policy

A comprehensive evaluation policy is followed, wherein, student is assessed on his overall performance throughout the year.

  • Pre Primary Level : No formal tests are conducted. A student is graded on his day-to-day performance.
  • Primary Level :(Class I-V) : No formal tests are conducted for classes I and II.A student is graded on his/her day-to-day performance.
  • However, students of class III-V are evaluated on the basis of their class work, Unit Tests and Term Tests, which are conducted periodically throughout the year.
  • Rest of the school: Students are assessed on their day-to-day work as well as the Unit Tests and terminal Exams, which are conducted twice a year.

For promotion to the next higher class it is mandatory for a student to achieve at least 40% marks in the following :

  • Internal assessment: Based on daily work such as Homework, Class Work, Projects and Unit tests
  • Terminal Assessment: Based on Terminal Tests held in September and February
  • Art Education

It is mandatory for a student opting for a subject with practicals to pass in both theory and practicals separately

Pre-primary wing: - Pre-primary is the beginning of a long journey which promises to inculcate rhyme, reason and knowledge. This package is what we call “education,” a system that will encourage the children to question and quiz.
The school organized a number of competitions, so that they could express themselves and bring out their talents. They participated in recitation both Hindi and English, recognition of colours and their association with life especially the primary colours. Red, blue, yellow and green. The tiny-tots put up show and tell, plays, and story telling. The efforts are all set, to make them understand the basics with association which they will treasure in their kitty....

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  • prerna Class: KG-B
  • ayaan Class: KG-B
  • umang Class: 4-A
  • shreyansh Class: 4-B
  • shana Class: 7-B
  • utkarsh Class: KG-C
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It is the prime responsibility of each school to strive to do its best for each individual student.
It is our mission to educate children, so that they can have their own identity. In order to be futuristic, we should come out with new strategies to meet the upcoming challenges. The focus therefore, is not only on bench marks but also the excellence that will allow us to open globally towards lifelong learning. To accomplish this mission our endeavours has always been on:
Quality and excellence.
Excellence in scholastic and co-scholastic spheres.
Ethical values and human rights.